RBLX is a quantitative/semi-quantitative RBI software suit based on the industry standards which identifies applicable damage mechanisms, calculates corrosion rates, determine damage susceptibilities, estimates current and future risks, and recommends optimum inspection plans.

Our autonomous, cloud-based, RBLX software offers you immediate connectivity.

It is fast and highly competitive allowing you to search and route-out historical evidence.

This means you can process your data quicker and with more accuracy and reliability

Lifetech RBLX

Imagine the impact of:

  • Monitoring and predicting equipment failures
  • Preventing potential shutdowns
  • Reducing turnarounds

Our RBLX asset integrity management software will get you back on track to full production

We provide mitigation & inspection planning based on your liabilities, risk, and the potential outcome of equipment failure that impedes production levels. Receive support, training, and optimisation tools to prolong the life extension of your asset.

With our RBLX software for Asset Integrity in the UK, with a single application, you can efficiently manage your upstream to downstream, pressure, and non-pressure systems. By implementing RBLX, corrosion, and crack formulations perform risk assessments at a very early stage. The effect can be transformational.

Area Financial Risk Forecast Graph

The software dashboard highlights:

  • Integrity actions
  • Associated risks including
  • Exposure to corrosion
  • Degradation
  • Potential pressure loss and failure

Through continuous monitoring strategies and systematically focusing on inspection & maintenance operations, optimum production is boosted.

RBLX is an advanced asset integrity management and risk-based inspection software solution.

RBLX RBI Software Key Features includes:

  • Web-Based with Robust Security
  • Compliant with API 580, 581 & ASME PCC-3
  • API 571, 581 & DNV-F116 Damage Mechanisms
  • Corrosion Rates and Crack Susceptibilities
  • Quantitative & semi-quantitative
  • Current & Future Risks
  • Increase Safety, Reduce Costs & Shutdowns
  • Flexible to Customize
  • Upstream, Midstream & Downstream
  • Excel Import & Export

RBLX Current Modules

  • RBLX™ Pressure Systems (Pressure Vessels, Piping, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Fired Heaters);
  • RBLX™ Atmospheric Storage Tanks;
  • RBLX™ Pipelines;
  • RBLX™ Pressure Relief Devices (PRDs);
  • RBLX™ Bespoke Module (e.g. for Structures)

RBLX Key Features:

  • Identify Damage Mechanisms
  • Assess the Probability of Failure (POF)
  • Assess the Consequence of Failure (COF)
  • Assess Risk of Failure
  • Plan Inspection & Mitigation
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