RBI 2021 – 4th International Conference

RBI 2021 International Conference

LifeTech Engineering presented at RBI 2021 – Risk Based Inspection & Predictive Maintenance Conference, 8th & 9th April.

Keith Walton, LifeTech BDM presented “Shutdown & Turnaround optimisation – the criteria for selecting equipment for inspection” covering the benefits derived from RBI and the use of NII (Non-Intrusive Inspection) techniques in lieu of IVI (Internal Visual Inspection).

Keith Walton Dr. Mehdi Eskandarzade



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Why do companies practice Risk-Based Inspection?

  • To improve risk management results.
  • To provide a holistic, interdependent approach for managing risks.
  • To apply a strategy of doing what is needed for safeguarding the integrity and improving reliability and availability of assets, by planning and executing those inspections that are needed.
  • To reduce inspections and shutdowns and provide longer run lengths without compromising safety or reliability.
  • To safeguard integrity.
  • To reduce the risk of failures.
  • To increase plant availability and reduce unplanned outages.
  • To provide a flexible technique able to continuously improve and adapt to changing risks.
  • To ensure that inspection techniques and methods consider potential failure modes.

Oil and Gas Industry RBI services

LifeTech’s RBLX-RBI software, incorporating the market-leading Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) module, has distinct advantages over other RBI software:

  • RBLX-RBI software follows API 581 & API 571, therefore, addresses more damage mechanisms and failure modes and produces higher quality, more rigorous, and more meaningful assessments.
  • The integral NII module determines whether Internal Visual Inspection (IVI) can be safely deferred, thereby reducing the scope and timescale of a turnaround.
  • RBLX-RBI can be modified to accommodate specific user operational requirements.

LifeTech Engineering will work with you to:

  • Make your inspections more focused.
  • Make your operations safer.
  • Lower your costs.
  • Keep your operations running safely.
  • Maximise your inspection budget.

Refinery Industry RBI Services

RBLX-RBI, incorporating NII, has shown excellent results on worldwide deployment, including a major UK refinery, and has been proven to be commercially competitive.

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